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Home Inspections

Discover Our Range of Inspection Services

GreenWorks provides a full scope of home inspection services to suit your needs. Whether you are purchasing a pre-owned home, building a home from the ground up or an investor doing their due diligence; we have the property inspection resource for you!

GreenWorks’ home inspection packages offer value not only to property buyers, but also to realtors and homeowners. Our comprehensive inspections provide peace of mind by identifying any potential issues before a sale. 

Whether you are buying an older home, or having your dream home custom-built, be sure to bundle your inspection with one of our packages to give you even more information about your new home!

Know Before You Buy: Comprehensive Home Inspections from GreenWorks

Home Inspections

GreenWorks offers customized home inspection services for homeowners, home buyers and even real estate investors. Our inspections will ensure our clients receive the information they need to make confident decisions—whether this is to prepare their home for sale, buy or invest with confidence. It’s no wonder why Realtors have been trusting GreenWorks to serve their clients since 2013.

When it comes to investment properties specifically, no other company understands an investor’s priorities quite like GreenWorks. Investors can confidently make informed decisions about their properties with one of our investment inspection solutions.

Commercial Inspections

Our team of certified home inspectors is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality inspections that will help you make informed and profitable decisions. Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, or maintain a commercial property, our comprehensive inspections will give you the insights you need to evaluate the condition of the property and identify any potential issues. Trust the experts at GreenWorks for all your commercial building inspection needs in Texas.


Complying with industry standards, such as ASTM E2018-15, the only recognized standard of major lenders.


We identify issues before they become liabilities and can customize the service for your PCA.

Protect Your Investments With Expert Home Inspections From GreenWorks

Pre-Listing Inspections

Looking to sell your home in Texas? Don’t let hidden issues ruin your sale. Schedule a pre-listing inspection with GreenWorks to identify and address any potential problems before putting your home on the market. Our comprehensive inspection services will help you avoid surprises and ensure that your home is in top condition for potential buyers. With GreenWorks, you can sell your home with confidence, knowing that it’s ready to impress. Don’t risk losing a sale—schedule your pre-listing inspection today!

New Construction Phase Inspections

Don’t let the excitement of a new construction home blind you to potential issues. Faulty building materials, shoddy workmanship, and other costly problems can easily slip through the cracks. Our New Construction Phase Inspections provide an unbiased, third-party evaluation at key points during the building process, ensuring that any issues are caught and corrected before closing. Don’t risk being stuck with costly repairs after the builder moves on—invest in a New Construction Phase Inspection for total peace of mind.

11-Month Home Warranty Inspection

A GreenWorks Home Warranty Inspection will provide you with a full comprehensive report of the systems and components of your new home—you can hand that over to the builder for repairs while they’re still covered under your builder’s warranty. With an expert team like GreenWorks on your side, your dream home will stay that way for years to come!

Structural Integrity

Electrical Systems

Plumbing Fixtures

Finish Quality

Customized Auxiliary

Pool & Spa

Sewer Scope

Asbestos Inspection
& Testing


Structural Engineering

Lead Based Paint

Septic & Well

Mold Inspection &

GreenWorks Works For You!

Comprehensive Services for A Home
inspection in Texas

What's Inspected?

Whether you are purchasing a pre-owned home or a new home, GreenWorks provides a full scope of home inspection services to suit your needs.

The inspector will thoroughly examine your roof and check for any damage, including missing, damaged, or lost components.
During an attic inspection, we’ll be able to identify if you have any leaks or other roof damage that’s visible from the inside.
The outside of your home is thoroughly inspected, and everything from the foundation to the siding, trim, doors, windows, gutters, and roof is checked.
This inspector will check for all the potential issues in a basement, like moisture intrusion or mold.
We’ll not only make sure that your air conditioner is in good working order, but we’ll also inspect it to look for any signs of damage or wear.
A pool technician will check safety equipment around the pool, do a complete leak test, and do a visual inspection of the pool for signs of issues like algae or leaks.
A thorough chimney inspection includes the structure of the chimney to check for cracks, decomposition, and breakdown. Inspectors will also ensure that the fireplace is safe and operational.
During an electrical inspection, the inspector checks your electrical system and tests any appliances that use electricity to ensure they are in good working order.
We’ll check for any issues with your water or drains and address any leaks or potential problems before they become expensive.
Appliances are checked to make sure they’re in good condition, as well as make sure they’re using electricity correctly. This check also means we can know if they need to be repaired or replaced.
An HVAC inspector will check the heating system thoroughly. These inspections are necessary because they can determine whether your system needs to be fixed or replaced.
A home inspector will visually examine the house’s interior, including the roof, walls, floors, ceilings, windows, and doors. They’ll be looking for any problems that could affect the value or safety of the dwelling.

get more than just an inspection

Beyond TREC Standards- Thorough Home Inspections

Comprehensive Pest Inspection Report- Affordable Protection

Advanced Zip-Level Pro-2000 Technology For Accurate Foundation Mapping

Sprinkler and Irrigation System Evaluations For a Thriving Property

A Verbal Summary and Walkthrough of Findings With Our Home Inspector

Detailed Inspection Report, Pictures and Summary Emailed The Next Day

Expert Visual Inspection For Biological Growth, Sampling Options & In-depth Analysis

Enjoy Our Complimentary Utility Connection Service

90-day Termite Guarantee With Renewal Option

greenWorks inspections-
your one-stop-shop for all inspection needs

Thousands of clients rely on us to provide expert advice, plans and results. We offer a set of extensive services under one roof to give you complete peace of mind.

Experience the green difference

Prompt and accurate reports

Exceptional Customer Service

Thorough and efficient inspections

Use of the most current technology

Professional and


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jackie gonzalez
jackie gonzalez
Oswaldo is very knowledgeable, and was verbally detailed with his pest control service. Also gave me a few great maintenance tips!
Sudheer Chowdary
Sudheer Chowdary
Eric Kaufman did a thorough inspection of my property and provided a detailed report. He added all the details and recommendations. I would recommend him to all my friends.
Premkumar R
Premkumar R
Inspector Jasper arrived on time and he did a great job. Found the areas which need to be addressed that I may not even able to find it. Excellent service and Highly Recommended.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
Worked with Bret Smith, and Bret had a great sense of detail. There was a few things I would have missed completely without the help of Bret's inspection report. As a first time buyer for a house, I would definitely recommend Bret and would use him again
Timothy Peoples
Timothy Peoples
Cory was truly amazing and very detailed. He answered all of our questions and when we had questions after the inspection he was more than willing to go more in-depth for us. We did a lot of researching for the best inspection agency and fully believe we found it!
Matthew has a keen eye for details. He uncovered the issues that a normal person would miss. Matthew was methodical & very patient during inspection and while discussing the observations. Was able to show the bigger picture and then go into details. Very professional, kind and to the point. I would be open to work with him in future and refer him to others. Overall, working with GreenWorks / Matthew was an excellent experience. Definitely value for the money and time spent !!
Babu Reddy Machireddy
Babu Reddy Machireddy
Mathew did a great job with my bew house inspection
Tom Ehrman
Tom Ehrman
Took more than a little time explaining concerns and pointing out items, both good and bad.
Stone High
Stone High
Matt is very detailed about his inspection. Very professional

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