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Manage Your Home Efficiently, with HomeBinder

GreenWorks handles projects of all sizes and delivers thorough inspections. Now we’ve partnered with HomeBinder to bring you a lifetime account with a complete home management system, included with your inspection. Centralized documentation, maintenance reminders, home inventory, and other perks will help you stay on top of your home management.
And your home inspection report is automatically uploaded to your HomeBinder account.

GreenWorks x HomeBinder – We Go Beyond Home Inspections

Trusted Nationwide

If you get a home inspection with GreenWorks, document management, utility negotiation, and everything in between will be much easier. Our trusted partner, HomeBinder, makes it possible.
HomeBinder is trusted by 950,000 homeowners nationwide and we’re sure you’ll also love the multitude of offerings.

Stress-Free Home Ownership

Even before you’ve bought the home, you’re drowning in the paper trail. It’s harder to manage with every passing day.
But when you get an inspection with GreenWorks, you get access to a complete document management tool for your home. It comes with dedicated document storage so every single document is accessible when you need it. On top of that, you get maintenance reminders, home inventory, and even appliance recall with your complimentary HomeBinder account.

Moving Made Easy

Moving takes time, causes stress, and even after the moving day, you have a lot to unpack (and not just your stuff). One of those things is getting good utilities for your home, without draining your budget. We always think about our clients, that’s why we’ve partnered with HomeBinder to bring you quality and affordable utility services in your locality. Our team will reach you within 72 hours of the inspection to discuss options.

Redefining Moving and Ownership

You’ve chosen the right home, let us help you settle into it.

GreenWorks Services

We’re experts at inspection services, covering all types of properties, whether residential or commercial.
Reach out to learn more about our services and the perks included with each inspection.






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There is nothing more frustrating than calling for help only to be greeted by a bot halfway across the world! That’s why we offer 24/7 support via live chat, email, phone and texts.


Our team of 60+ inspectors and 13 engineers are all committed to providing top-quality services to residents and businesses throughout Texas: From Dallas and Fort Worth to Austin, San Antonio and Houston, we serve all these locations and their surrounding areas!

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We offer a streamlined process, ensuring that you receive prompt service without compromising quality. Avoid unnecessary delays as our highly qualified team is ready to accommodate your needs within a day of your request.

Effortless and Expedited Home Inspections

With the right partner on your side, home inspection can be a fast and pleasant experience. Our experts have the right set of tools and processes in place to deliver the best home inspection report in a short time.

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Don’t just take our word for it; check out our real-time client reviews.

Serving the Great States of Texas, Florida, and Colorado.

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