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Get Repair Estimates with Your Inspection Report

GreenWorks is collaborating with Repair Pricer to give you a complete home inspection report that has simple explanation of what was found and photographs to back those findings – along with a breakdown of repair costs.

Know How Much the House Will Actually Cost

Same-Day Inspections Reports with Repair Estimates

GreenWorks pride itself on highest standards of inspection. Our certified inspectors can detect any hidden issue and report it in a simple manner so it’s easier for you to understand and take the required next steps.

With a standard home inspection report, you’d know exactly what needs repair. But we take it up a notch and add a complete breakdown of the repair costs with our inspection report. This breakdown is powered by Repair Pricer’s 3-stage human review process.

Get Negotiation Leverage

You’ve got an upper hand in the negotiations when you know exactly how much the repairs will cost. You can get a better deal based on the expected costs you’ll incur. And there’s less chance of the seller disputing these numbers because Repair Pricer is known for its accuracy.

These estimates also reduces the chances of the deal going astray as both parties are on the same page.

Transparent & Detailed Free Reports

Get detailed and easy-to-understand reports within 24 hours. We review the current property condition, identify hidden damages, and ensure no aspect of your property goes unnoticed. Repair Pricer reports are free with our Green, Greener, and Greenest packages and available as an add-on to any stand-alone home inspection for $125. Repair Pricer reports are delivered 24 hours after placing your order for a full, partial, and custom report from the invitation link you’ll receive on the same day you receive your inspection report. When you place your order from your Repair Pricer invitation, you may opt for a rush, ensuring you receive your report within 6 hours for an additional fee of $39.


Multi Family Repair Pricer reports are available for $180, and Commercial Repair Pricer reports are available for $240. Please contact us directly to place an order for a Multi-Family or Commercial Repair Pricer. Longer wait times may occur for these types of reports.

Don't Buy Blindly!

Get a home inspection with GreenWorks to know the property’s condition. And in your report, get a breakdown of the repair costs – in collaboration with Repair Pricer

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We offer a streamlined process, ensuring that you receive prompt service without compromising quality. Avoid unnecessary delays as our highly qualified team is ready to accommodate your needs within a day of your request.

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With the right partner on your side, home inspection can be a fast and pleasant experience. Our experts have the right set of tools and processes in place to deliver the best home inspection report in a short time.

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