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Commercial Inspections
in Fort Worth


GreenWorks is an established firm offering commercial inspections in Fort Worth, Texas. We have been providing the best services to our customers and built our reputation by delivering quality work, quick turnaround times, and reliable results. With thousands of successful inspection history, we’re one of the top commercial building inspection firms in North Texas. Our commercial inspectors in Fort Worth thoroughly examine your property, surrounding areas, and everything in between to give you peace of mind you can depend on.

GreenWorks Commercial Property Condition Assessment

Knowing what’s true and what’s not is hard in this challenging market. That’s why GreenWorks is here for you. We provide our customers with the best possible service. GreenWorks ensures that your property assessment is done accurately to evaluate the physical condition of the property. PCAs are associated with due diligence inspections in commercial real estate transactions. Suppose you are a buyer, lender, insurance company, or commercial real estate investor. In that case, it’s important to know that you have a professional on your side when you’re making big decisions related to commercial property.

Property condition assessments are a way to assess the condition of an asset or property before taking the next step. It is important to have PCAs to know what you are getting into and avoid potential liabilities and lawsuits. PCAs are also used as a guide to developing various scopes and procedures. 

The PCA process begins with an assessment of the property, followed by a physical inspection, and finally, an evaluation of the results. The process is more complex than it sounds since many factors must be considered, such as maintenance records, historical data, and other relevant information.

PCAs are used by many different types of businesses and individuals, ranging from homeowners to commercial property owners. This includes real estate agents, property management companies, businesses with multiple locations or branches, and contractors working on building projects.

Energy Code Services

The Following State Energy Codes are Required By Law in Texas For All New or Existing Buildings or Even Those That Need An Upgrade:

Damage And Repair Assessment

A damage and repair assessment is a process that helps property owners to identify any damages in the structure of their property. It also helps them to identify any safety risks and how they can be fixed before they become bigger issues. A damage and repair assessment provides the owners with a list of existing and potential issues that can be avoided by performing repairs. The assessment also helps maintain the facility’s safety, which is important for the owners, employees, and tenants. Damage and Repair Assessment is used in different situations, such as property damage assessment, insurance claims assessment, and building inspection. 

Multi Family Property Inspections

Multi Family Property Inspections are an essential step when buying a multi-property. It ensures sound investment and finds issues with the building structure and surroundings. An extensive report from our commercial inspector in Fort Worth will help you make informed decisions regarding an existing property or future purchase. An inspection report is an excellent way to ensure that you’re not buying a property that will need repairs down the road. It also allows you to find potential issues with the building structure and surroundings, which can be costly to fix later. An inspector will look for things like sewer issues or mold problems that could aggravate with time and become expensive problems for you to fix.

Why Choose Our Commercial Inspection In Fort Worth?

Quality Inspections At Affordable Price

We're an inspection company that provides quality inspections at an affordable price. Our reports are accurate, thorough, and prompt. We're able to meet all your deadlines on time.

Extensive Experience Backed By Certifications

Our team have years of experience and have completed extensive training in commercial property inspections; plus, we're certified.

Fully Licensed Commercial Inspectors

Our inspectors have passed rigorous background checks and have ample experience inspecting industrial facilities, small businesses, residential properties, and construction sites.

Areas We Serve

We also offer a full range of pest management services for homes and businesses in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio.

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