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Our Team

Paul Luedecke

Certified Professional InspectorEngineer’s Assistant(Home, Commercial & Multi-Family)

Paul is a lifelong Texan who has never lived more than 90 minutes from Dallas.  After finishing college with a Music degree, he worked as a supervisor for many years before finally landing where he needed to be, as a home inspector.  He had his own business for a few years, but he is much more a field guy than a business guy.  He joined with Green Works in 2012 and has never been happier. 

Paul loves being a home inspector for a few reasons.  Every day presents a new set of challenges, he almost always learns something new on each house, and the satisfaction that comes from knowing he is providing the information his clients need to make an informed decision about the biggest purchase of their lives.  While not every aspect of the job is delightful, think crawlspaces, septic tanks, extreme temperatures and extreme weather, he takes it in stride because inspecting and providing information is what he is there to do.  During his time with Green Works, he has trained many people and has taken on the role of corporate trainer along with his normal inspections.   

When Paul isn’t working, he loves woodworking and remodeling, reading or listening to books (mostly listening due to lots of cdriving), cooking good suppers at home and spending time with the family.  He has 3 kids from ages 28 to 17 and a 5-year-old granddaughter who keeps him on his toes, and is frighteningly like her Grandpa.