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Commercial Inspections
in Houston TX


GreenWorks Commercial inspection services in Houston, is your go-to option for commercial property inspection services. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to make a suitable investment in commercial properties. GreenWorks Commercial Inspections can comprehensively examine the property, including interior and exterior inspections. Buyers and sellers use our assessments and lenders to determine the value and condition of commercial real estate property.

Property Condition Assessments

CAs are necessary for commercial real estate transactions. PCAs are used for various purposes; buyers, leasing companies, or financers employ most property assessments. Lenders, insurance companies, and investors use PCAs to gauge a property’s condition. A PCA not only determines a property’s physical condition but also helps avoid unwarranted expenditures and litigation. PCAs help property owners maintain their facilities following codes and regulations. They give property owners a deeper understanding of what is required to maintain a property.


It’s an essential guide for commercial building inspections in Houston, TX, to help develop scopes and procedures. You can have a PCA done after a disaster or before one. Getting one done helps assess how much is required to repair or restore a property to optimal condition. PCAs help determine a plan of action to improve properties and keep them safe.

Energy Code Services

We wanted to let you know that the law in Texas requires you to follow the following state energy codes for new or existing buildings or even those that need an upgrade:

Commercial Damage And Repair Assessment

An inspection will help you assess the damages to your property and provide recommendations for what to do next. A Damage Assessment Report from a commercial inspection service in Houston helps you evaluate the condition of your property, allowing you to make an informed decision on the next steps. This assessment will also provide you with an accurate estimate and repair timeline. A Repair Assessment, however, will ensure your safety while restoring the property to its original condition. Here, they will fix any safety issues and offer recommendations on restoring your property to its original state.

Multi Family Property Inspections

Inspections are integral to Multi-family property purchases. A detailed inspection report from a well-reputed inspection company helps you make informed decisions regarding your purchases. If you want to save money on your next multi-property purchase, then a multi-property inspection is for you. Not only does a multi-property inspection help find problems with the structure of the building, but it also helps in pointing out any issues with the surrounding areas. An inspector can help point out the condition of the sewer or environmental issues with the property.

Why Choose Us?

Flexible Timings

We provide services at flexible times. You can book an inspection anytime and even on weekends. Our inspectors are available for emergency callouts or urgent inspection work seven days a week.

Professional Inspectors

All our team are fully qualified, with years of experience and skills in the field. We only employ experienced people to conduct our inspections, as hiring inexperienced inspectors may result in failure or inaccuracies in the reports you receive from us.

Affordable & Rreliable Reports

We provide high-quality reports within 24 hours at a reasonable price with no hidden charges. Our reports include all the information you might require - including photos and videos - so that you can make informed decisions before purchasing any property or making any significant investment.

Areas We Serve

We also offer a full range of inspection services for homes and businesses in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio.

Serving the Great States of Texas, Florida, and Colorado.

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The major difference between commercial inspections and property condition assessments is the thoroughness. In comparison to the property condition assessments, commercial inspections are rather more thorough. It’s a process that closely examines the property’s roofing, structure, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. PCA primarily focuses on the overall condition and any necessary repairs.

GreenWorks Inspections provides a wide range of commercial property inspections that include various services like PCAs, energy code services, damage evaluations, and multi-family property inspections. The professional and well-trained inspectors at GreenWorks Inspections ensure they guarantee detailed, precise, and timely inspections for commercial properties.

The answer is simple to this question: a commercial property inspector conducts commercial inspections who are specifically trained for such inspections. They comprehensively assess every nook and cranny of the commercial properties, including the systems, structure, and safety regulations.

The duration for a commercial inspection varies, and the factors that influence it are the size, complexity, and accessibility of the property. Usually, it takes several hours to a full day to complete an inspection process thoroughly.

You can expect a thorough inspection during a commercial inspection. It can involve inspecting different areas of the property, starting from the roof to the structure, major systems, appliances, insulation, and other major components of the property. After the inspection, you can expect the inspector to provide you with a detailed inspection report, documenting their findings and highlighting the safety hazards, potential issues, or areas that require immediate repair or upkeep.

Usually, the property owners schedule a commercial inspection whenever they feel the need. But it’s smart to schedule the inspection whenever you’re buying, selling, leasing, renovating, or managing a commercial. In all of these instances, knowing the current status of your property is important as it will later help identify potential issues, negotiate repairs, and make informed decisions before finalizing any arrangements.