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Commercial Inspection


GreenWorks provides a full scope of commercial inspection services to suit your needs. Whether you are completing a property condition assessment, needing a structural evaluation, or have an environmental concern, we have the property inspection resource for you!


We strive to be the most efficiency-driven company to meet all your needs. GreenWorks is committed to getting you what you need for your due diligence period within your time frame. Our speed can give you the advantage in your property investments.


GreenWorks understands the scope of your commercial inspection needs to be customized to fit your priorities. You can get started with our commercial inspection or multifamily inspection proposal form and we'll be in touch about your project.

Commercial Inspections

GreenWorks provides a full scope of commercial inspection services to suit your needs. Whether you are completing a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) or need a structural evaluation, we are the property inspection resource for you!

GreenWorks can tailor our inspection scope to fit your priorities regarding the commercial space you are purchasing or currently own. To get started, fill out and submit either our Commercial Inspection or Multi-Family Proposal form and one of our staff members will be in touch to discuss your project.

Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)

Commercial property and building inspections are essential for clients seeking to know the condition of real estate they may be purchasing, leasing, financing, or simply maintaining. These commercial inspection standards help the commercial building inspector and the client understand the scope agreed to for the inspection, including the systems or areas to be inspected, and are used as a guide to develop our scopes and procedures. GreenWorks follow industry-accepted guidelines of ASTM E2018-15, the only recognized standard of major lenders.

Damage & Repair Assessments

Did your property recently get damaged? No worries, GreenWorks can help get you on the road to repairs by gauging the damage to all functional and operational areas, reporting the status promptly and efficiently, and maintaining a flow of information.

Expert Analysis

Getting a professional to assess commercial property damage is crucial to ensure you are able to return to the pre-damage, regular flow of things. 

Precision In Evaluations

A Structural Damage Assessment by GreenWorks is the first step to getting your property back to full-operations. Our commitment to accuracy will give you the confidence of knowing exactly what is needed to return your property to its former condition.

Multi-family Property Inspections

GreenWorks is your Commercial Inspection multi-family pro. Make educated decisions using our thorough reports on your next big investment property purchase. All inspections generally conform to the scope and limitations set forth by ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments.

Energy Code Services

State energy codes set minimum standards for building practices, and Texas law mandates compliance with specific codes for new and upgraded structures. GreenWorks provides energy code inspections, design options, and energy consulting services tailored to meet your requirements, ensuring your building meets the necessary standards.

  1. Statewide Standards
  2. Specific Codes
  3. Energy Compliance
  4. Tailored Solutions

Unlocking Real Estate Success Expert Insights for Smart Decision-Making

Environmental Testing & Protocols

Have a project you are about to undertake? GreenWorks environmental consultants possess the regulatory knowledge, technical skills, and project management expertise required to identify and conduct sampling, lab testing, looking for conducive conditions in an environment and then the protocols for remediation and abatement. GreenWorks provides a full scope of environmental testing services for your commercial property due diligence. Whether you suspect a mold concern, identify environmental contamination liabilities or have identified asbestos- containing materials; we have the Texas-licensed environmental service for you. Our environment testing services can be customized to your property condition assessment.

Structural Engineering Services

With over 20 years of engineering experience, Stephanie specializes in repairs and renovations. Her experience covers a variety of building industries, including commercial, multi-family, industrial, and residential. She has evaluated thousands of wood-framed homes throughout Texas and provided structural design plans for hundreds of properties.

GreenWorks Engineering provides structural design services to architects, contractors, design professionals, developers, federal, state, and local owners. We provide solutions using the proper balance of expertise, safety and most up to date regulatory standards and practices.

Draw Inspections

GreenWorks helps lenders, banks and developers reduce their risk with draw inspections. When construction loans are issued, the lender needs to confirm that funds are being paid out, and the work is being completed, in a timely manner. You can mitigate these risks by scheduling GreenWorks to perform your regular draw inspections and become your eyes and ears on the job site. Our team does residential and commercial draw inspections daily. We can be out to a property in 24 hours and turn around the draw report back to meet your timelines and specifications.

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jackie gonzalez
jackie gonzalez
Oswaldo is very knowledgeable, and was verbally detailed with his pest control service. Also gave me a few great maintenance tips!
Sudheer Chowdary
Sudheer Chowdary
Eric Kaufman did a thorough inspection of my property and provided a detailed report. He added all the details and recommendations. I would recommend him to all my friends.
Premkumar R
Premkumar R
Inspector Jasper arrived on time and he did a great job. Found the areas which need to be addressed that I may not even able to find it. Excellent service and Highly Recommended.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen
Worked with Bret Smith, and Bret had a great sense of detail. There was a few things I would have missed completely without the help of Bret's inspection report. As a first time buyer for a house, I would definitely recommend Bret and would use him again
Timothy Peoples
Timothy Peoples
Cory was truly amazing and very detailed. He answered all of our questions and when we had questions after the inspection he was more than willing to go more in-depth for us. We did a lot of researching for the best inspection agency and fully believe we found it!
Matthew has a keen eye for details. He uncovered the issues that a normal person would miss. Matthew was methodical & very patient during inspection and while discussing the observations. Was able to show the bigger picture and then go into details. Very professional, kind and to the point. I would be open to work with him in future and refer him to others. Overall, working with GreenWorks / Matthew was an excellent experience. Definitely value for the money and time spent !!
Babu Reddy Machireddy
Babu Reddy Machireddy
Mathew did a great job with my bew house inspection
Tom Ehrman
Tom Ehrman
Took more than a little time explaining concerns and pointing out items, both good and bad.
Stone High
Stone High
Matt is very detailed about his inspection. Very professional

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