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Inspect Your Home Even If It’s New


Inspect Your Home Even If It’s New

Are you here because you are considering relocating to Texas? Or have you moved already and are searching for the perfect home? People move to Texas for many reasons: It has low housing costs and a good quality of life. Texas is also very multicultural, with places like Dallas and San Antonio being great cities full of culture and diverse food. So the choice of the state you’ve made is good so far. The next big decision about locking down a house you can call home is equally important.

The home you buy is a huge investment; it’s essential to ensure you put your hard earned money into a sound property. If you plan on buying a home, you must hire a home inspector in Houston TX to inspect it first. You will be able to know the condition of the house and if there are any hidden problems. You will be able to tell if there are problems with its structure or functional components and possible building code violations. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that your new home is safe from hazards or major issues.

Why Have An Inspection On A New Home?

No home is perfect; even the newest homes have issues in them. These can be anything from structural issues or improper insulation to electrical problems. You should be aware of every single problem If you’re going to be a new homeowner. You should also know that you can request the seller for an inspection of your new home and should not be shy or fear doing so. You should never miss an inspection to ensure that the house you are buying is safe and habitable. Several credible companies are offering professional services through certified home inspections in Houston, all you have to do is do some research and find the best one to get a prospective future home inspected.

Importance Of A Contingency Contract

You also need to be aware of whether or not your purchase contract allows for an inspection before signing it. ​For this, an inspection contingency should be in place. An inspection contingency contract is designed to protect the buyer in case a problem arises during the inspection process. The contingency contract details what will happen if the supplier does not fulfill the obligations specified in their agreement. An inspection contingency allows the buyer to walk away if he is not happy with the inspection report and wants to move to a better option. The contract also has detailed instructions on how to agree on how any problems will be solved and what they should do next if they cannot agree on repairs.

What To Inspect During A Home Inspection?

A home inspection in Houston is when a professional inspector provides an independent assessment of the condition of a property. The inspector will inspect the property and provide their findings to the homeowner. A home inspection is also called a “comprehensive home evaluation.” It’s used to evaluate and review all aspects of a property, from structural integrity to energy efficiency, water damage, and more.

Home inspectors have licensed professionals trained in technical skills related to building materials and construction methods. They typically work for real estate companies or other service providers who hire them for specific projects such as appraisals or inspections.

What Pays For A Home Inspection?

Buyers have the misconception that Inspection fees are split between the buyer and seller, with the buyer paying a portion of the fee and the seller taking on responsibility for any repairs that need to be made. This is not true; unfortunately, the ball for paying for a home inspection falls in the buyers’ court. To save money, some homeowners may have their inspection done before listing their homes with a realtor, but that is not always the case. Inspections benefit both the buyer and seller in numerous ways so having an inspection ensures long-term benefits for both.

Newly Constructed Home Issues

As stated above, newly constructed homes face many problems as well. Listed below are some issues inspectors find in newly constructed homes:

Gaps in Decks And Patios:

We have seen many new homes that have gaps and cracks in the decks and patios. There are many causes for these gaps and goes, but it usually boils down to improper planning or construction when building a deck or patio. This is because the deck or patio needs to connect to the wall or railing properly.

Drainage Or Grading Issues:

New construction homes may often be built on top of a previously existing structure. This means that the foundation and grading might be different than originally designed. The water drainage system might have been designed for a previous building, which could lead to moisture issues in your basement or crawlspace.

Cracks In DryWalls:

92% of houses in the US are made up mainly of wood. When the lumber shrinks, it can cause cracks in the drywall. This can also lead to the house “settling” over time, a type of damage covered by the one-year warranty.

Nail Pops:

Nail pops can be a problem that arises in newly constructed homes. They are caused by shrinking lumber that pushes the nail too far out, causing damage to the finishing compound. This is an issue because nails must be removed before becoming dangerous.

Water Stains:

Water stains around windows and doors can be caused by mold, air, or water leaks. Mold can grow on the surface of the window or door glass. If you see any water stains near the windows and doors, it means there are underlying issues that need to be investigated.

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With Greenworks, you can make sure your investment is a safe one. We provide thorough inspections and detailed reports to ensure that you’re investing in a quality home.

With our extensive experience and the best team certified home inspectors in Houston, we understand the importance of ensuring that you get the best possible service when it comes to your home.