TREC Licensed Home Inspectors

TREC Licensed Home Inspectors

Austin, Dallas and San Antonio

Structural EIT

Structural EIT

Austin, Houston, and DFW areas.

GreenWorks Inspections is committed to providing the best quality services of the highest standards to clients. As a team member, you’ll offer the very best inspections (above the TREC standards), communicate effectively and educate your clients on the best solutions. Our team works aggressively and efficiently to ensure that their needs are understood and suitably met. If providing exemplary services is part of your work ethic and you are interested in an opportunity with us regardless of your level of experience, then we would love to talk to you!

The benefits of working with us:

  • You’ll have the name, reputation, and instant credibility coming out the gate.
  • Our quality is known throughout the region, making getting hired for inspection work easy and painless.
  • You’ll be paid like the expert you are. We pay our inspectors 25-50% more than the state average, making GreenWorks one of the highest paying inspection firms in the state.
  • You’ll get our in-house sales, marketing, PR, promotion, social media, networking and lead-generation machine working on your behalf.
  • Phone service, web, email, marketing materials and anything else needed to run a successful inspection career are provided for you at no additional cost.
  • Want more licenses and certifications in your tool belt? We can help! Just talk to us about which areas you like, such as pool, septic, termite, or mold inspections and we can build a career plan that fits your needs and increases your income.
  • Our leadership style is horizontal, not vertical. Horizontal organizations empower the employee and think in terms of team, rather than a single boss laying down all the rules. What that means for you, is that every inspector is given a say in the day-to-day workings of the firm. What doesn’t work for our inspectors doesn’t work at GreenWorks.
  • Retirement options towards the end of your long inspection career and so much more.

The Commitment from You:

  • If we train you, teach you, and reveal our cutting-edge strategies, we believe you’re worth the investment. A non-compete contractual agreement for 2-3 years will be required. More details on this will be provided during the formal interview.
  • Our attitude is simple: We’re looking for people with character, a solid work ethic, and a passion for quality. That’s all we need, everything else can be learned.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Perform home and commercial inspections for several hours a day.
  • Contact clients by either telephone, email or in-person at inspections.
  • Track inspection activities and update files/database as appropriate.
  • Must be available to work six days a week. The day of the week off is your choice, but you must inspect full time.
  • We give ample personal time off to spend enjoying the fruits of your labor. Our schedule is flexible with requested shifts and days off.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Comprehensive knowledge of home inspection procedures and more.
  • Basic skill in computer applications and office equipment.

Physical Tasks & Working Conditions:

  • The inspector works in a residential and commercial work-site environment; frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards may be unavoidable. Majority of work performed inside, outside or with exposure to risk./li>
  • Must be physically inclined to walk on roofs, crawl in crawl spaces and be able to lift, stand and squat for 12 plus hours a day if needed.

More About Us:

GreenWorks has a genuine passion for houses and commercial properties! We’re a company focused on leaving a positive impact and example for future generations to come. We’re a hard-working team, willing and determined to use our knowledge and expertise to grow and expand a good name for our industry, community and company. We put our clients first and lead with value for their needs; creating a win-win opportunity for them and ourselves. Everyone at GreenWorks believes in giving back, so we also support several local non-profit organizations near and dear to our hearts.



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