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When building your structures, setting it on just any site won’t do. Make sure that meticulous investigations like Geotechnical ones are done to ensure the stability of the ground your building on. Geotechnical investigations are also used to measure oil and gas pipelines, thermal resistivity of soils, radioactive waste disposal and solar thermal. Site investigations or “Geotechnical Investigations,” are performed by geotechnical engineers to determine the physical properties of soil earthworks and the foundation formula that will need to be used.They collect information, assess data, and report any potential hazards.

Stages of A Site Investigation


Before the construction begins on a site, a site inspection and a soil investigation is done. This investigation is typically before and during the construction, and it typically has 3 stages:



In this stage details like what type of structure will be built and its use will be figured out. Requirements of building codes and column and load bearing wall loads will be figured out.



This part consists of several tests, collecting disturbed and undisturbed soil samples from multiple depths, and then testing it in a lab.



This stage will provide the results of the labs and test that were done in the previous stage. Results are then used to begin plans for what the foundation solution will consist of.


The Importance of Precision

All construction projects require reliable and valid data about the ground conditions. Reliable data reduces risks and costs. If an inadequate investigation is done the negative consequences will have a snowball effect. Such as issues with the foundation of the structure. The wrong choice of foundation solution on a site may cause the foundation to sink or crack. That may cause an issue for the interior of the project, or what’s worse cause damages to neighboring structures.

What Is A Commercial Building Inspection?

Commercial building inspections are our specialty. Before investing in a commercial asset, trust us to identify any unexpected costs that could affect your decision. A commercial property condition code inspection is an objective examination of your commercial building and site. A pre-purchase inspection allows the buyer and/or bank to get a complete understanding of a property’s overall condition before purchase. This inspection doesn’t establish the value of the property, but simply identifies any potential threat to your investment, like repairs. The goal of a high quality due diligence is to ensure you are thoroughly knowledgeable about the investment being property that is up-to-code. Prior to buying a commercial property, the investor a buyer has the right to know of any major repairs that are necessary. A new roof or upgraded electrical service could cost thousands of dollars and shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the buyer. With a pre-purchase commercial building code inspection, you’re protecting yourself from potential surprises and unexpected expenses.


Complete Your Due Diligence

A pre-purchase commercial real estate inspection provides due diligence, or steps taken to establish assets, liabilities, and potential. Part of the due diligence process is identifying these liabilities. Whether you’re investing in an expansive commercial property or a small finish-out building, an inspection is crucial for finding needed repairs and costly maintenance items. These inspections also include evaluation of any damage the structure may have incurred, like earthquake, flood, or fire damage. A comprehensive pre-purchase inspection will complete your due diligence so you can make an informed decision regarding your investment.

Residential Vs. Commercial Building Code Inspections

There is a big difference between residential and commercial property inspections. There are many variables to consider like infrastructure, size, parking situation, and location. All commercial site inspections are performed in general conformance with the scope and limitations, as set forth by ASTM E2018-08 Standard Guide For Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process. All inspections are performed utilizing methods and procedures consistent with good commercial or customary practices designed to conform to acceptable industry standards. With GreenWorks, you will receive a comprehensive, easy-to-read, professional inspection report explaining the findings and any recommendations from the inspector.


What is Included In
A Commercial Building Inspection?


When you need a thorough inspection of your commercial building, trust GreenWorks to assist you from beginning to end.
Our evaluation covers all necessary inspection points in an easy to read manner, that will help you make an informed investment decision.

Commercial Building Code Inspection Points



  • Building Footprint, Structure, and Foundation
  • Building Envelope
  • Pavement Systems
  • Roof (including present condition and estimated remaining life)
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Electrical Panels and Wiring
  • Plumbing Fixtures and Piping
  • HVAC Systems (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  • Elevators and Conveyor Systems
  • Landscape, Irrigation, Site Grading, and Drainage

All these inspection points are important separately as well as collectively. Our expert inspectors conduct a visual inspection of the building using these checkpoints. Then they provide a written report that summarizes their findings and offers useful repair suggestions. Our inspection reports will give you the confidence and assurance needed to make a final purchasing decision. These reports include multiple pages of detailed inspection points, photos of the property, and a high-quality digital copy for future reference. Tips and additional information for each inspection point are included. The data found in our inspections report are essential to fully understanding your property.



Why Do I Need A Commercial Building Inspection?

Protecting our clients’ investment is our top priority. We provide easy-to-read inspection reports to show any potential concerns related to your property.



Commercial Building Code Inspection Points


When investing in commercial property, there is a great deal of money at stake. By researching the property’s history, you can identify any issues that may impact you in the future.



  • Inadequate design
  • Building code violations
  • Poor material quality or workmanship
  • Improper maintenance over the life of the building

Weather-related issues are also important factors to consider. If the building has survived an earthquake, flood, or wind damage, it’s crucial to receive a thorough inspection before purchasing. Even if the property hasn’t been subjected to severe weather or natural disasters, it is wise to get an inspection. There are underlying issues that can exist even in a newer building with seemingly high-quality materials and workmanship.

Other Commercial Inspections Provided By GreenWorks



  • First Look Inspections
  • Thermal Imaging Inspections
  • Lender Draw Inspections
  • Multi-Family Inspections
  • Commercial Lease Space Inspections



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