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GreenWorks’ Superior Inspectors Perform HAAG Roof Assessments

Our certified inspectors complete their comprehensive roof inspections and deliver a formal report in just 48 hours or less.


Each inspection includes an onsite evaluation, a detailed report, and cataloged images that are used to assess roof conditions and indicate areas of damage or general concern. While we move quickly to hand over our findings and keep your project on schedule, the GreenWorks team ensures that we maintain the full integrity of a certified roof inspection.



Why Have Your Roof Inspected By A GreenWorks Technician


It is common to have a roof inspected after a hail storm or when you suspect your roof is damaged. These “free” roof reviews are typically conducted by roofing company salespeople, and they are looking for areas that may be compromised enough to require roof repair or replacement. GreenWorks inspections are more in-depth than this.


We seek to provide an unbiased, third-party opinion on the actual condition of the roof. Our roofing inspector will not just seek out areas in need of immediate repair or replacement. We will also look for areas that could be potential sources of water damage to the structure, and areas where water or leaves and other materials might settle. Our goal is to meticulously examine the health of the roofing materials and record the current state of the existing roof.




What Is Included In A GreenWorks Roof Inspection?


Initially, GreenWorks will perform a ground-level inspection of your roof. From the ground, our inspectors look for any signs of aging or damage (such as roof sagging). We then note any possible problem areas and/or areas in obvious need of repair.


We will also look for spots where moss, mildew, algae, or leaf piles gather. These materials can eventually break down the roof’s defenses and compromise the building envelope. Potential problems include major leaks, further water damage, and costly repairs.


Next, GreenWorks inspectors search the roof to identify any broken or curled shingles. In an ever-changing climate like Texas, with its extreme weather and high temperatures, shingles can be compromised by the severe heat. Not only can the constant sun work to prematurely age a roof, but it can create an almost oven-like environment in the attic. This dramatically raises the roof temperature from under the shingles. The intense heat can cause shingles to buckle, shift, and create cracks or crevices that lead to even faster roof damage.


Our roof inspector will also be on the lookout for missing or aged shingles. A missing shingle can lead directly to leaks, as the barrier between the rain and the interior of a building is gone. In addition to checking for missing shingles, we will identify signs of aging or granular deterioration. Shingles are made of textured materials that help them maintain their protective qualities. If the shingles have been affected by severe weather, they may lose their strength and no longer be able to provide the same level of protection. GreenWorks inspectors will take photos of areas exhibiting some level of damage and submit those photos as part of our official report.


Finally, our roof inspector checks your gutters. Keeping your gutters clean can help you maintain a healthy roof by allowing rainwater and materials to flow off the shingles and not gather to form problem areas. The gutter inspection includes ensuring that the downspouts are clear.


Please note: GreenWorks technicians are trained to walk safely across your roof. Please don’t attempt to do this yourself! Walking haphazardly on your roof can be very dangerous and might weaken your roof’s tiles and seams. Leave the roofing inspection to our GreenWorks experts!




  • Estimated age of roof
  • Deterioration
  • Leaks
  • Previous repairs
  • Ventilation
  • Wind damage count on all slopes

After The Roof Inspection


Once your GreenWorks technician completes the roof inspection, we carefully summarize our findings in an easy-to-read report, highlighting any areas of special concern. When finalized, we will send you the document for your records.

About GreenWorks Roof Inspectors


Our team is expertly trained to provide detailed, professional inspections, and to get them done quickly. You can trust GreenWorks to arrive on time and to work efficiently, all without compromising on quality.


The GreenWorks inspection team has years of experience behind our utility belt, and residential roof assessments is just one of the superior services we provide. We know that as a homeowner, your number one focus is to take care of your investment. That’s why we make it our goal to maintain the health and lifespan of your roof.




  • Adjuster-friendly inspection reports
  • Emergency roof inspection services
  • Routine assessments to maintain the upkeep of your roof



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