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Our foundation assessment process provides detailed, thorough, and professional inspections in a timely manner. GreenWorks inspectors are reliable and can accommodate your schedule. Each certified inspector works seamlessly with other members of our team to ensure that your foundation is secure…and that you have the reports and paperwork to prove it!

If You Could Design The Ideal
Inspection Service, You Would
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Foundation inspections and foundation repair often create unnecessary stress for homeowners, home buyers, and real estate agents. This is because the industry is fraught with so-called “professionals” offering insufficient services. Resulting mistakes can have a significant financial impact. In North America for example, the foundation repair industry has reached over 50 billion dollars annually. That is because many of the issues with foundations are either misdiagnosed or the repairs made are ineffective. GreenWorks is in business to remove the stress, fear, and uncertainty surrounding foundation inspections (and any resulting foundation repairs).



Easy-To-Understand Reports Give You All The Information You Need


No homeowner, home buyer, or real estate agent can be expected to become an expert in foundation performance or foundation inspections. That’s why we provide a thorough summary of our findings
in the form of an easy-to-read report.



Our Expert Team Integrates Foundation Inspection With Other On-Call Services Ranging From Structural Engineering To Project Management


The GreenWorks team includes experienced structural engineers, so we can handle even the most challenging foundation issues. We will arrive on location at the appointed time and conduct an exhaustive inspection. Then, we return to our GreenWorks office to finalize your detailed report. If there are any areas of concern, we highlight those in our easy-to-read summary. We want to make sure you have all the information you need, without having to get personally certified in order to understand the report.

You’ll Be Impressed With The Level Of Detail
We Provide In Our Foundation Inspection


GreenWorks inspection reports often include far more detail than competing services in the metroplex. Our inspectors go above and beyond just showing up and taking a few measurements. Each inspection follows our high standards and will effectively measure the condition of the foundation in question. If we do find an issue that requires further attention, we will also address the severity of the problem. You will appreciate that our established methods are streamlined and executed efficiently, while adhering to current industry standards.



What If Foundation Issues Are Discovered – Can We Still Make It
By The Close Date?


Both current industry standards and the GreenWorks’ name demand that we not short-change the foundation inspection process. Our sense of integrity dictates that we perform the inspections according to the highest of standards. At the same time, we pride ourselves on achieving superior results in a timely fashion. Few inspectors can match GreenWorks in terms of both performance and quality.






Are Foundation Cracks Always A Sign Of Serious Problems?


Cracks alone do not indicate a major foundation issue. Over time nearly every foundation in Texas is going to crack as the materials and solids expand and contract. This is very common in our area. The critical issue is whether the foundation has shifted. That can weaken the structural integrity of a building. The truth is, some cracks have almost no impact on the stability of a home; others indicate a serious problem with the foundation and require repairs. Our inspection experts know how to distinguish the difference and will provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision.





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