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Why Hire GreenWorks
As Your Structural Engineering Company?


As licensed structural engineers, we are trained to analyze the factors that exert force upon a building – gravity, wind, temperature, and pressure – and to decide whether the structure can hold up to and resist those forces. We know what makes a building structurally sound and have the ability to easily spot weaknesses. At GreenWorks, we are experts at assessing the source, analyzing the severity, and determining the appropriate solution for structural problems.

GreenWorks’ Structural Engineers Can Handle Your Projects:


  • Building additions or altering the layout of a property. An addition can include anything from a room, studio, garage, and in-law suite to something like a glass sunroom or glass-enclosed pool. We determine if it is possible to construct the planned addition without compromising the original structure’s integrity. We can also ensure that the foundation of this new addition is adequately reinforced.
    If you’re thinking about changing the layout of your property, keep in mind that removing or altering a load-bearing wall can cause significant structural damage. GreenWorks’ structural engineers verify which walls carry the weight of the building. They provide insight on how the planned renovations might affect the structural integrity of the property.
  • Solar panels or wind turbine installation. If you’re looking to add sustainable structures to your home or property, such as solar panels or a wind turbine, GreenWorks’ structural engineers can perform the appropriate feasibility studies. With solar panels, we can verify that the panel layout and the brand/type of panel you’ve chosen works for your particular roof. Roof systems are not usually designed for the weight of solar panels or for the foot traffic involved in installation and maintenance. We make sure that your roof can handle the load and lift of the panels and will recommend reinforcements, if necessary.
    For wind turbines, our structural engineers perform a wind feasibility study and provide you with an installation estimate. We make sure to include all costs necessary to use the correct equipment for your unique site. We can also identify any zoning restrictions relative to the installation.
  • Purchasing or selling a home. If when buying or selling a home you are told by an inspector that the house has serious structural issues, you may consider getting a second opinion. GreenWorks has saved homeowners thousands of dollars simply by accurately identifying and solving structural problems.
  • Building a new home. If you’re building a custom home, you’ll want to hire GreenWorks’ structural engineering team to ensure that plans for the house are sound. Our engineers will also make sure your building site is suitable for the intended purpose, as well as confirm integration with existing site features and determine impact on the environment.
  • Structural damage. You may have noticed structural damage or had a contractor/inspector point it out to you. Either way, it is best to contact GreenWorks in order to determine the cause and severity of the problem, and to eventually figure out a solution.
    Wind, fire, termite, water and/or flood damage can threaten the integrity of a structure. Signs of structural damage might include cracks in foundation walls or around windows, bowing walls, uneven floors, doors that stick, or standing water in your basement after a hard rain. As with other forms of structural damage, our engineers can evaluate and recommend an appropriate resolution. Through forensic investigation, an engineer will also be able to determine whether an issue existed prior to an event for the benefit of a claims adjuster.

If Any Of The Above Situations Apply To You,
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GreenWorks carries the appropriate state licenses and certifications, as well as insurance. More importantly we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your building is structurally sound. Our comprehensive services ensure that your structure is strong enough to stand the test of time.



Call GreenWorks! We Specialize In
Both Commercial and Residential Structural Engineering.



If You Are Renovating Or Extending An Existing Property,
Let GreenWorks Structural Engineers Take A Look


We will concentrate on the floor framing, location of wall framing, and type of roof framing. Some of the existing structure might be hidden by wall and floor cladding, but an inspection of the shape and layout of the building will reveal clues about the existing structural framing.


We want to know about your project, what you hope to achieve, and what services you are expecting. Let us help execute the vision you have for your unique building.


Our Structural Engineering Team Is Accessible

At GreenWorks, we don’t hide behind secretaries, standard forms, and junior staff. We want our clients to feel like we take their business personally. As a result, our in-house team of structural engineers is quick to respond and provide answers.
Our trained personnel are experienced and able to handle your inquiries efficiently. So, don’t worry about not being able to get in touch with the right person. AND don’t be surprised if you call one day and our managing partner/ CEO/ answers the phone. Our entire GreenWorks team is here to help!

We are an engineering company that is accessible, and we do not hide behind secretaries, standard forms and junior staff. We like for our consumers to feel like we take their business personal, so we are quick to respond to questions and get answers from our in-house team of structural engineers.
We have systems that are meticulously handled by the appropriate personnel with enough experience to make executive decisions on what route to take your inquiry in. So, don’t be surprised if you call one day and our managing partner/ CEO/ or anyone on the executive team answers the phone to help with any of the services that GreenWorks provides.


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