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Phase 1 And Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

Don’t Let Your Potential Investment Run The Risk Of Contamination


GreenWorks’ services go beyond inspections of residential and commercial structures. We are capable of completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments to help reduce an investor’s exposure to the risks accompanying real estate with regards to environmental contamination liabilities. ESAs typically address both physical improvements of the property and the underlying land.


ESAs are essential in construction on undeveloped land.



Phase 1 environmental inspection typically consists of:

  • Gathering Information about the present and past use of the site
  • Inspection of the site by an environmental professional from GreenWorks
  • Review of the environmental files maintained by regulatory agencies and site owner
  • Formulating a report that identifies existing and potential causes of contamination on the property

The conclusion of a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment results in the determination of further site investigation like the need for invasive sampling or that no further investigation is necessary.





Phase 2 environmental inspection typically consists of:

  • Gathering specific information about the property and may include the following tasks-
    • Sampling of the surface and subsurface
    • Sampling of groundwater and surface water
    • Sampling of soil vapor
    • Sampling of sediment
    • Sample of plant and or aquatic species
    • Above and underground storage tank content
    • Sampling of Asbestos containing material (ACM)
    • Geomagnetic or geophysical surveys
  • Directly measuring conditions such as radiation or noise levels
  • Using environmental fate or transportation models to evaluate the possible migration of the contamination

The conclusion of a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment will determine if there is a need for remedial work and whether the conditions of said site are causing adverse effects and will require that the appropriate regulating agencies be notified.


Savvy investors know that once you have decided to buy or sell property, you want to maximize its value and minimize your risk, by allowing GreenWorks to lead your Phase 1 and Phase 2 (if needed) Environmental Site Assessments. We will give you the peace of mind necessary to make the best decisions on your investment.



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