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The GreenWorks Team Of Certified Roof Inspectors
Provides Comprehensive Commercial Roof Inspections
And Formal Reports In Just 48 Hours Or Less

What Is Included In A Roof Inspection


Our certified roof inspectors conduct onsite reviews of the roof. This includes our technician scaling the building and walking across the roof. We also have the ability to perform inspections through the use of drones in order to detect and record hard-to-see details.

The Commercial Roof Inspection Process


There are 4 steps GreenWorks takes to ensure that commercial roofs get quality inspections they need.


Identify what type of roof it is, such as:

  • Roll Roofing
  • EPDM
  • Built Up Roofing
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Modified Bitumen


Determine the damages and cause of destruction

  • Deterioration
  • Installation Issues
  • Hail
  • Wind


Illustration of Roof in sketch form

  • A detailed diagram will be created with accessories and details



  • Accurate measurements will be done to add to the detailed illustration



When To Have Your Roof Inspected By A GreenWorks Technician


It is common to have a roof looked at whenever there is a hailstorm or potential damage. These “free” roof reviews are typically conducted by roofing company salespeople, and they are looking for areas that may be damaged enough to require roof repair or replacement. Our inspections go much further than a standard walk-through. Our inspections are a 3rd-party, unbiased opinion of the roofing conditions. The roof inspection will not just look for areas in need of immediate repair or replacement. We will look for areas that are or could be sources of water damage in the home or building, as well as areas where water, leaves, and other materials can settle. We will also examine the health of the roofing materials and create a record for the state of health of the existing roof.






It Is Always A Great Idea To Plan


Setting up routine inspections will not only benefit the longevity of your roof. Set up a plan of attack by knowing which aspects, features, or areas of your roof you need to focus on. A helpful way to structure this plan is by categorizing; you can ensure that inspectors do thoroughness by sticking to these five categories:

  • Flashings, roof edges, terminations, expansion and control joints
  • Gutters, scuppers, and drains
  • Search for any defects
  • Rooftop units and penetration
  • Field of roof or surface areas

The key to a proper inspection is to find out how frequently you need it inspected, what order you will have the categories set up in and hiring GreenWorks for superior inspections by superior technicians.





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