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Commercial Property And Damage Assessment:
What You Need To Know
For Efficient Inspections


If the unexpected ever hits your commercial property (pun intended), there’s nothing like having an experienced and thorough team on your side to assess the damage and prioritize repairs by the most to least important. GreenWorks has the capability to gauge the damage to all functional and operational areas, report the status in a timely and efficient manner, and maintain a flow of information that will help stabilize the damage.


It Can Get Tempting To Assess Damages By DIY,
But Is It A Good Idea, Though?

Yes, you may be in a rush to get things functioning once again, but there are a slew of issues that you can be overseeing and ignoring by just putting stuff back together. Getting a professional to assess commercial property damage is as crucial as getting back to the pre- damage, normal flow of things. Reality is, that your property will need to be assessed prior to any clean up efforts to appropriately investigate and examine the obstacles. For example, when assessing damage from smoke or fire, it is important to consider that there is almost always damage that is not visible. Having a damaged area that is not visibly fixed can end up costing you twice as much to properly repair, also known as twice the money you could have saved, had you gotten a professional to do it. The accuracy that GreenWorks can offer you with Commercial Damage assessments, will leave you with the boost of confidence that everything was done to get the stability of your property back on track.

Teamwork With GreenWorks

GreenWorks will ensure that all operations necessary for a thorough assessment are coordinated and accounted for. The goal is to distinguish emergent situations to decrease risk of delays or further damage from happening. This would include:

  • What is damaged and beyond repair
  • What is damaged but repairable
  • What has not been damaged
  • Prioritizing what needs to be dealt with immediately and what can be postponed

GreenWorks can help inspect damages caused by any of the following:

  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Hail Storms

We are committed in providing prompt, efficient assessments while maintaining high standards of quality in our work and in our relationships with our clients. GreenWorks is in your corner and will ensure that our teamwork with you proves it.




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