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Oxygen, a pivotal element for continuing life on this planet and Carbon Dioxide, a gas that is necessary, but can become poisonous if there is too much of it.  Why does this matter? Humans are the number one cause of greenhouse gases and Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas. What’s so bad about greenhouse gases? Nothing, if sustained in moderation. As greenhouse gases trap the heat from the sun, our planet gets warmer and warmer, causing a rise in global warming…Which leads to using more energy from unrenewable fossil fuels to satisfy our needs to stay cool, thus adding to the atmosphere’s pollution.


 Although consumption of CO2 is a necessity right now, measures have been taken at a global level to decrease the use and impact of unrenewable resources. A leading alternative in doing so, is energy efficiency; simply defined as, a way to use less energy while providing the same service.


A leading company that is focusing its efforts in eliminating our carbon footprint and elaborating on energy efficiency is opens in a new windowINSULeer


INSULeer is an industry-leading expert on the integrated, whole-building design process.  As a business, they strive to provide customers with expert guidance, and cost-effective solutions towards making their homes more energy efficient. As a member of RESNET [Residential Energy Services Network], they set the gold standard for the inspection, testing, and rating of a home’s energy performance.


Formed in 2017, in Dallas TX, INSULeer is putting a whole new meaning to “knowledge is power.”

Their mission:

To democratize energy.


Their goal:

 “To create new energy technologies and building science techniques that will transform energy efficiency into a positive-energy infrastructure.” -Daniel Dossey, INSULeer


As one of our most valuable Partners In Value, it’s clear that their forward thinking in making an impact that will help not only their customers, but this world thrive towards a better tomorrow is inspiring.

Finding partners in value to promote people first, and good people culture in businesses is one thing but finding partners like INSULeer are truly a breath of fresh air! (Pun intended)

Their services include:

    • Energy Efficiency Consulting
    • Energy Auditing & Energy Rating
    • Insulation
    • Insulation Removal
    • Spray Foam Insulation
    • Window Installation & Window Replacement
      • Certified Pella Partner
      • Certified OSI Window Installer
    • Solar 

If you’re looking for the best advice on doing your part to enhance your property’s well being and the influence it has on the environment, INSULeer is your solution.


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